Happy Hollidays


have a Happy and Safe Holiday to all the TT members and to all your Familys

same to you and to a great 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.... guys

there goes my Diet...:busted:

happy holidays to you too ,and all the pitbikers and mxers

... Get the hell out a he'a

alright jonny but waht about my money

...what money

A.C said you have some doe for me

...matta afact how much do i owe ya

A.C said ten percent

...Well A.C aint inchage no mo

...A.C.'s up stairs taking a bath, he'll be down in a minute

...hey i tell you what im gunna give you snakes

...Im gunna give you the count of ten, to get your ugly, yella, no good keysta off my property, before i pump your guts full of lead!


1,2, 10 (bang bang HAHAH bang bang HAHAH bang bang HAHA)

...ceep the change you filthy animal.

That is the best XMAS movie ever (home alone) i love it. and that right there is my favorit part. I hope you all had a great christmas.

merry christmas kevin hahahah its a little late but the kicked me off hahahahah

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