Dr Mark, what do you make of this? pics added.

The knob that I assume indicates the joint between my clavicle and shoulder is more prominent on the left. Also, the left knob is about 1/2 inch closer to the midline of my spine than the right. The pain I get at certain positions is somewhere near that knob on the left, inside the shoulder.




Hi Doc. I think it's been about two months since I tried to move the earth with my left shoulder. I failed. The earth didn't move, my shoulder did. I had Xrays which showed no break. The Dr said it was a sprain. Now, my wife can says that I look asymmetrical. We took some measurements and found that she's right. My left clavicle and shoulder is a half inch closer to my spine than my right. I continue to have a sharp pain in my shoulder if I move certain ways (things like reaching over to turn my light off at night). I pretty much have full range of motion. The joint where my shoulder joins to my clavicle is higher on my left whcich can be seen. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time, and Merry Christmas!

why don't you post the pic?

why don't you post the pic?

I'll try to get them on tomorrow. Thanks.

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