Wont start

Bike has been in storage for three months with stabile in gas. I have changed the gas and checked the spark plug, but it still wont start. The bike justs turns over, Im not even getting a little burp like its trying to fire. What else can I check. Duane5157

carb, if that dont work take the spark plug out and check to see if its black. if its a brown colour then its perfect. but first id clean the air filter and then put some fresh oil in it. but for shure check the carb. if you dont know how do it the easy way take the air filter off , start the bike up put air filter back on when its clean. good luck!

Sounds like the carb has dried up and could have varnished the jets.

If you have a syringe or even oil can, put a little fuel in.

Take the side cover off and remove air filter, then squirt a little fuel towards the carb, spin it over see if this fires her up. you may need to do it a couple of times. Once the air flow is created it usually clears the jet.

The only thing you could really read on the plug at this stage would be if it was wet or not. if it was wet then fuel is getting to the cylinder.

Sometimes I will use a can of starting fluid to get them going. Only use a very small amount. It only takes a tiny bit. I pull back the air filter a little and spray a tiny amount and that always gets it going. I have not had to do this to the klx yet, hopefully not. It is from sitting and the crap gas we have these days.

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