Reno Area Ride 12/30??

Ok...I'm nuts but am staying up in the Reno/Verdi area the week of 12/29 and am thinking about bringing my bike. Rode Moonrocks last year and had a good time, albeit a bit snowy and challenging. Rode the hills above Verdi too until I hit an ice-covered road and ate my lunch hard. Oh, almost forgot the frozen mud that caused the crash it the tiny but cold creek...good times! Nuthin' like wet boots when its about 17 degrees!

Am I crazy for considering a ride up there with the weather we're having? I would probably bring the DRZ.

Any takers?


Ok...I'm getting the message.

How are conditions at Moonrocks? Any other areas that might be fun in the area?:busted:

Moon rocks should be good , just watch out for the North face ICE. I would be up for Tuesday ride . What is your skill level?:

Intermediate +. Have ridden for over 30+ years. DRZ is set up for 95% off road. I live 15 minutes from Carnegie in CA and hillclimbs are the thing there. Only challenge with DRZ is when it's really tight...sucker weighs a ton.


If your still in town, we have a group riding out to the Moonrocks, from Golden Valley tomorrow 1-1-09.

hey. i live in Reno. i can ride any Sunday. 702-524-6008. RJ

We plan to ride this sunday, 1-4-09. I-ll give you a call.

you riding this weekend? call me 702-524-6008. RJ

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