82 yz125j

just finished resto--ready to start. some pics in my garage. a bunch of stuff is one year only on this bike. had alot of fun doing it though.:busted:

beautiful bike, a friend of mine had a red and white one back in the day. merry christmas

WOW!!! i mean WOW!!!

It even has the mud deflector for the radiator.

A friend of mine had a new 82 250. That was a strange year for YZs'

That's super clean! That was my first dirtbike that I paid for! Worked all summer to make enough money for it! Loved that bike! Great desert bike, wished I still had it!

1982 was a strange year for the YZ. The rear suspension was a combination between the 1981 and what they had panned with a linkage system in 1983. I had a YZ125J in 1982 and loved it. It was the first year for the power valve.


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