Found 400SM at a good price if anyone's interested

Pretty good price, need to find out if that includes the shipping, and set up fees somtimes they drop the price and get you there. I got mine with everything brand new 08 for 5500.00. Good luck

The problem is some dealers like to tack on documentation fees and things like that, it would probably be around $5700-6000 OTD.

Its a good deal if you have money and want to keep it stock, but in my opinion, if you want to mod it, buy a slightly used one which will

save you some cash and put that cash towards modding it. Again, just my opinion.

An even better deal if you don't mind doing a few fixes.


Rule #2, see rule #1.

They either put the price in correctly and stop insulting people or lose business until they do.

dahl, don't you save on local tax if you get it out of state or you're in the same state?

adventuremyk, the doc fees is bullshit. Included it or don't. Mind you, that's one thing that never stops to amaze me here in the US. Everyone HAS to pay tax on stuff they buy and yet, it's still ADDED on top of the price and does nothing but piss people off. Back home, it's always included. You still have to pay it but it doesn't tick you off as much. Makes no frikin sense at all

plankk, helluva deal. Good thing it's not an S because I'd want to get it and I don't have the money yet as you know. Phew..

It does but since I'm NO mechanic, I would want something newer. Anyway, we'll see if I even get the money and when. When I do, hell, I might even look at a new one. We'll see. For now, I'll just walk around and have the hots for one :busted:

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