New Graphics

I know a lot of you went with after market graphics. I'm looking to get some new graphics for my bike. I don't want to spend a lot on custom graphics, because my middle name is CRASH. I can't see spending a few hundred bucks on graphic that I'm going to mess up. I'm thinking about the ones from Flu Designs. This is the one I'm talking about.


It comes with tank side covers, tank, front and rear fenders, front side curves, upper and lower fork decals, swing arm, air box, front and side number plate backgrounds, miscellaneous decals and a black full grip seat cover. All for about $80. Those that have this kit hows the quality of it?

Anyone have any other ideas for graphics for $100 or less?

those are some nice reasonable X graphics. Im curious to know if R graphics work on the X.

those are some nice reasonable X graphics. Im curious to know if R graphics work on the X.

With some cutting the R ones will. The shrouds are not the same, the rear fender is not the same, and the side number plates are not the same. A little cutting to the graphics and they will fit.

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