Raise a toast to the 3.

As Sammy Hagar sings in Three Lock Box, Raise a toast to The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. :moon:

They are the reason for the season! :busted:

Merry Christmas TT riders! :p

TT will have to create a "Contentious Issues" forum to discuss this one.

I know, not everyone is a Sammy Hagar fan. :busted:

David Lee Roth is waaayy better than Sammy!:busted:

Van Halen, not Van Haggar, or Van Shoren (spelling):moon:

No Way, they each have there own way of doing things. They both rock on hard. IMO, I like the way they both sounded with VH. The "Red Rocker" was also better solo then DLR. Who has talent? SH that's who.

Sammy Hagar is what kept those dirt bag Van Halen brothers going!


Eddie Van Halen is not even a decent human being!

Merry Christmas! :busted:

I'd rather have Sammy at my place for a BBQ. He seems like a normal dude. Also I'd bet he'd bring some of that Cabo Wabo with him.....

You ever listen to Marching to mars? His first CD after V.H. That disc rocks! and has some cool ballads on it too, about the birth of his daughter Kama, (sp?) and "Amesty is granted" "Both sides now" "Who has the right?" Classic Sammy mix. A lot of those songs I think were a piece offering trying to bury the hatchet so to speak but the only one who realized it was Michael Anthony....

Sammy is a living legend and will never die in my book. I am a rock musician and can tell you that he is the influence and platform to many of your new favorites. Besides, All three singers are creditable and deserve a little merry christmas cheer. I mean come on, how many time did you get laid because of the song More Than Words!:busted:

By the way that was a reference to Gary Sheron or however you spell his name who was the lead singer for EXTREME who sang on one Van Halen Tour and album. That is where the MORE THAN WORDS statement came from!

:busted: This thread wasn't started to give cheers and props to Sammy Hagar. It was to cheer the reason(s) for this season. :moon:

Toast to the Red Rocker! (Sammy & Santa) !!!!

Merry Christmas!

The BEST Sammy was with his friend Ronnie Montrose. That whole album rocks!

Shows you how old I am!

Get on your bad motorscooter & ride!


To the season then!:busted:

Santa dont drive 55.

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