Good Christmas

Hope everyone here has a good Christmas the only thing that would make mine better is if i were out riding but I cant complain i got all new riding gear and some parts for my bike too!! Any way marry Christmas

Merry christmas to everyone on TT hope you have had a good one. My christmas would have been perfect if i could have gotten out for a ride today.

But i have to wait for now and them im out in wales on the 28th cant wait

Merry Christmas, I'm still waiting on this 8 inches of snow they were calling for since last night, so far nothing, but hey it's been great anyhow!

Merry Christmas Everybody!.....

I am stoked,,,, my wife got me a new jersey and a new pair of gloves... .and some $$ for new tires for the WR.

Plus Here in California it just rained for the last few days and its scheduled to be 10% chance of rain for the next week +.... and I am off from work till after new years....... Conditions will be perfect at hollister upper ranch and i am gonna ride and ride and ride.

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