WR lighting problem-WR 426

I've got a strange problem maybe someone can help with. I've got a 02 WR426. It had a Baja designs lighting kit that worked fine. I wanted to lighten the bike a bit and put all the stock parts back on. Here's the problem- It worked fine with the Baja kit and when the stock parts are on, the bike runs fine, but no lights. I checked all the bulbs, grounds, switch, etc., but now it looks like the lighting coil may be bad. I have a hard time believing the coil miraculously went bad the same day I replaced the lights, but I'm at a loss for anything else. I'll call Baja designs when they open, but was hoping someone could shed some light on this. Any ideas?

Christmas may have been a bad day to post this.:busted:

When you installed the DB kit you had to ground float the coil or have them do it right?????. If I am not mistaken you have to ground that extra wire from the coil and it should work right.. It seems like that what has to be done but I am remembering from 5 years ago on my previous WR 400. But just to be sure also contact BD or call Dale at Trick DualSport at !-661-268-1094. Either of those can verify my feeble memory. Or not!


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