On the waiting list...Modification questions

Should have the WR450 in March and thought while I'm waiting I may as well get my modification wish list put together.

Aftermarket Exhaust- FMF? Dr.D, etc. Stock? Performance/how loud?

Freebie Mods- Airbox, throttle stop, others?

Anyone experimented with the Power Now product? Does the WR450 even need it?

Steering Stablizers- What's out there. What works will.

Is there any point in putting on a new triple clamp? The RG-3 with rubber mounted bars sounds nice.

As you can see I'm trying to keep myself busy while I wait for my new ride.

03' WR450 Circa 2003

98' WR400 (thinking about a Motard conversion)

00' BMW R1150GS "the Hummer of motorcycles"

02' TTR125L Mama's Ride

03' TTR90 7 yr old daughter's

01' PW50 4 yr old daughter's

02' Electric 4 wheeler 2 yr old son

Yo, Rockies Rider. Had my 03' WR450 for two weeks, four rides, two service trips to dealer, and seventy miles. But it feels like forever. Notwithstanding the starter button disassembling and flinging the button w/spring accross the garage (day one) all is as can be expected. All the aftermarket parts from my previous bikes (98 WR400, 02 WR426) fit the new bike. Included in that lists of retro goodies were: FMF Q Pipe, Scotts rear disk guard, 520 Gold Regina Chain/#51 Sprocket, White Bros. Front Disk Guard, Titanium Footpegs, Enduro Skid Plate and Baja Hydraulic Brake Switch. All parts fitted my 98 WR400 and transfered easily to the 03' WR450. The only real hassle was the Scotts steering damper. After four trips to the machine shop, three calls to Scotts and one trip to the dealer this is the bottom line. A rider needs a new 03' Scotts barclamp for the damper, part # BCL-100-3232, a mere (ouch) $70. The top triple clamp is WAY different, leaving about 1/4 " of too much space between the damper and the post. Other than that I have tried two jetting approaches moving the pilot from #40 to #42. I'm at 6K ft and even the #40 was too lean. Other that that, as a former 98 WR400 rider, I know you'll like the magic button. Too often I have been on the side of nasty Utah hills (Poison Spider for one) trying like #### to restart that Four-Hunny. Now, no problems.

Yo again. P.S. The PowerNow from my 02' WR426 will NOT fit the 03' WR450. The carb intake is the same diameter, but the airbox and intake venturi are now one unit. Thus the PowerNow will not fit without: a. ) a new airbox, b.) some creative cutting, or c.) a solution from PowerNow. Too bad, that PowerNow on the 02' WR426 made a big difference in throttle response. Not to mention trickness. I sold the PN venturi to the guy who bought my 02'

High Plains, Thanks for the info.....What's up with the chain and sprokets? I know they are not great, but would it hurt anything to wear out the stock stuff then replace? Just wondering if there is a good reason to change right away.

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