XR 600R rebuild question

It looks like i have had a problem with the oil pump. Seem the the top end did not get enough oil. I have a small amount of scaring on the inside of the small hole on the push rod where the piston attaches. Dose anyone have any ideas on how to remove the scars without replacing the push rod. Thanks

Connecting Rod ?

Small end bearing?

Is this motor oil feed through a small tube and banjo bolt to the top end?

If so you can open the hole through the bolt.

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Can you post a pic of the part?

If it's bad, it should be replaced.

yes the oil is fead by an external conduit to the upper valve head. i checked everything for cloging and found none. i think it is the oil pump but im not sure how to check to see if the oil pump is working.

You have to upload the photos onto a hosting site like www.photobucket.com and post the link here so we can see it.

I doubt it was actually an oil pump failure. Not impossible, but doubtful. It is much more common for the oil level to get too low through neglect or for the frame strainer to get clogged and starve the pump/engine.

If your connecting rod small end is scored/galled, then the valvetrain should be in even worse shape. If the valvetrain is fine, then it probably wasn't oil starvation. And no, there is no long-term fix for the rod small end. It most likely needs to be replaced.

Thanks for the help

Man that sucks it looks like hell.

A complete rebuild for that one.

Yeah, that rod is toast.

Looking at all the crud squeezed out around the base gasket, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you find a bunch of dried silicone in one or both of the oil strainers.

The condition of the rod indicates oil starvation and/or serious overheating. It is galled pretty badly, I would replace it.

+1 on all the above.

I should have mentioned in my previous post that judging from the condition of the rod, it would be a good idea to check the camshaft and rocker arms for damage.

yea i think your right. thats probly what caused the lack of oil in the firs place.

did that and you are right thrashed one lifter arm and spent the cam

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