CRF450R plastics on a CRF450X?

I tried the search button but could not find anything useful.

I've seen some people say you can cut the graphics of an R to fit the X but does the plastics of an 2008 R fit on an 2008 X bike?

I've just changed from a 2003 CRF450R to a 2008 CRF450X and they are way too dissimilar to tell. Anybody know?

I am looking for a set of black plastics and Monster Energy graphics for my 2008 CRF450X if anyone know of a place that sell them :busted:

Try UFO plastics I think there the only after market Black for the X

I don't believe the plastics from an R will work on an X. There have been a few posts/?'s on that- but the differences I've noticed are:

The shrouds are different because the tanks are not the same. They might fit with some modification or trimming- I'm not sure.

The left sideplate is definitely different (because of the door), I'm not sure about the right side.

The rear fender is a lot different, as the X has a large section running down the left side (underneath) which the R doesn't have.

The numberplate is obviously a lot different- Putting an R plate on an X would be a lot easier with aftermarket triple clamps, but the stock upper triple has tabs for the odo, etc which make mounting an R plate (& have it look decent) difficult.

The front fender is the only piece that's the same or easily swapped.

Nope the R one will not work. Shrouds holes are off, and like guycomer said on the number plate and rear fender. UFO makes them in black for the X. Call the TT store they can order them for you. :busted:

Will do, thanks guys :busted:

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