XR400 Trail Tech engine temp mounting location

For those that have put the trail tech on their XR400's, where is the best location to put the engine temp monitor?

i put mine on the big valve cover bolt, that is in the middel of the valve cover

Mine is mounted on the "thru the valve cover" bolt of the upper engine mount. Did that make sense???

Not the best locale but it is there until I think of a more accurate place.

I have a friend that has been riding XR's for 15 years in temps from 20 -100 degrees F usually on really slow and technical trails with little airflow and never had a temp related problem so I am not sure the temp gauge is really necessary, but since I have it I am going to hook it up.


i bought the vapor for my xr and for some reason i got the inline h20 sensor setup...any one else have this happen? what does the air-cooled sensor look like? guess ill have to see if they will send me the correct one. all in all it works nice though...still trying to learn how to work it though.

if you have any trouble call them .there tech line is most exellent. i called them with a question and he would not let me go till he mad sure there is nothing wrong with the unit and will walk you threw the setup on the unit and explane every feature there is.

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