Christmas Cash = bigger tank?

Alright!! The Christmas cash this year gives me enough to start modding my S . Up First Bigger Tank and MCCT. I am considering using the RVAqualine Trail Tank 17l. I do have the Corbin Seat. my only question is if people have used the Aqualine with the Corbin? Are there any fitment issues? I have heard of issues with other tanks but not specifically for the Aqualine. Anyone have any experience? PS Next will be the Jet kit, 3X3, K&N, Baja designs taillight and fender.



Is that a Safari brand tank you are talking about?

i have the RV aqualine 17 litre tank with a SDG tall seat , no issues . the tank needs a thorough clean out before installation .

i forgot to mention the extra protection the SAFARI tank gives the radiators .

Yes, the radiator protection is a big selling point for me on this tank. I was thinking about the Clarke with the unabiker guards but using the safari tank adds the same fuel capacity with a lower center of gravity and better build quality. I have ordered the tank and will see how it fits with the Corbin. I'll let you all know. Thanks

how much was it and where did you order it from?

Shiza, There seem to be two places that have the tank in the USA. I found them as the US Distributors on websight. I ordered mine from justgastanks mainly because I did it on X-mas day and couldn't call to ask questions. On Justgastnaks websight the listed an adder for the S model. I do know there is a difference between the E and S tank something to do with how the tank mounts. My impatience had me order it ASAP!! The Tank is out of stock in Blue so it will be 2-3 weeks before I get it. I'll post some picks when it comes in.:busted:

Thanks for the info. I think read somewhere that the E tanks won't fit the s/sm without a little work.

Volxport, I like the looks of the Safari tank and I am not intending to bash it or anything, I am offering up my 2 cents. It has a 4.5 gal capacity, but do you know if it is usable capacity? I have the IMS 4 gal and others have reported it to hold more then 4 gals, so I take it is rated at 4 usable gallons. I do not see any lower mounting support on the Safari. Is it only secured by the 2 bolts under the seat? The IMS secures under the seat and to the rads. It is secured well imo and offers good protection to the rads. The $200 price difference between to two is quite a lot. That's almost half the cost of a MRD/SSW pipe.


I had the same thoughts about the Safari vs. IMS tank as well. From my understanding the IMS is designed for the "E" and takes some modification to fit on an S/SM model bike. I have also read alot about some build quality issues with the IMS. The Clarke is a good option but I am trying to make my bike look different from my Riding partners as he has the Clarke. Do you have any experience with the install of the IMS on your bike? As far as the MRD goes I am attempting to keep the bike as quiet as possible as most of my riding is on forest service roads and I don't want to give the hikers and outdoorsman any more reason to complain about us riding. I am probably going to us the factory exhaust and give up the HP benefit. A 440 kit, jet, "E" header and cams will probably be the most I will do using the stock exhaust.



I have the 4 gal IMS new Suzuki yellow on my 06 S. The color is spot on. The Blue is spot on also. The sheen of the plastic is just not as shinny as stock plastic. The IMS 4 gal. is available for the E and the S. Leave the stock under tank rubber on the bike, secure the 2 back/frame bolts first, (I added a lock washer and blue lock tite to each bolt on the tank side) then the rad bolts. It uses the stock petcock. The screens on the petcock are real snug but they do fit in to the holes with out any modifications. Keep an eye on the petcock and choke and guide the tank on. I have had it off and on a few times with out any issues.

I understand the quiet concept. :busted:

I like my Clark 4.3 Gallon Tank...Check it out...I like the clear look though, I know some people don't..


Levi, I do like the Clarke Tank as My Riding partner has the Clarke on his "Z". I am trying to make my bike look a little different then his.

Levi, I do like the Clarke Tank as My Riding partner has the Clarke on his "Z". I am trying to make my bike look a little different then his.

Yeah! :busted:

Yeah! :p

Easy there Partner :moon: I might just go ahead and make an exact look alike!! :busted: LOL

:busted: Cool man, I know a buddy of mine has a sick tank on his DRZ...I will see him today and post my findings cuz I am not sure of the brand off hand...
:busted: Right on Levi. Thanks for the help and the pics. I look forward to seeing your buddies options. From what I can tell there is the Choise of IMS, Clarke, Safari, and Acerbis (E only). Maybe there is another option out there I haven't found.

I have an Aqualine 17 Ltr tank on my DRZ, i would say; buy it....:busted:

Very sturdy tank and capable of surviving heavy crashes.











I do like the looks of the Aqualine but I am curious as to how exactly it is secured to the S. Surely it rests on the rubber on the frame like the stocker, and surly it bolts to the 2 holes under the seat like the stocker, but how/where else does it secure? I do not see any other mounting like the Clarke and IMS do with the rads/rad scoops.

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