Still looking for a dirtbike..

I'm looking for the steal, not the deal.

So far I found:

2007 CRF450R low hours, lots of goodies for 2700

2006 KTM 450EXC fully street legal with lots of goodies for 3250

2005 YZ450F lots of goodies, 30hrs, 2300 (haven't negotiated price yet)

2006 KX450F Stock for 2500 (haven't negotiated price yet)

any of these steals, or just deals? Should I keep looking???

I'm trying to build a motard.

all of thoes bikes are cheap....i would go for the crf

I'm trying to build a motard.

Are you looking to do a street legal sm? Or a race bike? Street legal i'd jump on the ktm..Race bike the crf..If you wait longer you might be able to get an even better steal. Seems like prices are droping like a rock around here. I have not seen a 07 crf for that price and i'd say its a steal. I would pick it up in a second for a race bike.

i would buy the crf for either dirt or motard IMO.

I'm looking to do a street legal supermoto.

I talked to the YZF guy today, and the title says "Off-road use only"

The only thing that turns me away on the KTM is it is stock suspension. I'm 6'2" 230lbs, how does the stock suspension on an 06 hold up?

Heres a picture of the KTM. Looks to me as it was dropped on the right side. His price was 3500 firm, because he said its worth 4, I offered him 3k cash and he said 3250.

Extras include:

"Clark oversize tank, also the stock tank, head was redone by Dave Hopkins in WA state, had Kibble white valves installed so valve adjustments are a thing of the past, includes skid plates (2) twin air filters (4) oil filters pairs (2) slave cylinder guard, radiator braces, cooling fan, open pipe and quiet pipe, new chains and sprockets. perfectly maintained with records"


that ktm actually looks to be in good condition. i would go for it at 3250 or cheaper!

already streeted bike would save you a ton of time and effort, id go with that one!

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