Which trials bike has the best mileage (fuel consumption vs fuel tank) and is a good trials bike for a novice.

I'm looking at sherco, gasgas, scorpa and beta. I haven't heard much good things about the scorpa in regards to performance (is it true?).

I liked the beta, but the rev3 is being replaced by the evo, which I do not like.

Gas gas has a bad reputation in regards to being robust/dependable.

So my first choice would be sherco...anyone got good experience with this bike?



there's nothing wrong with a REV3, the evo is just the new version... or are u looking to buy new? I don't think any of them are gonna go that far on a tank, though i'd guess the four strokes are better on gas. you gotta remember most of these bikes have a big two stroke and a small gas tank.

make sure you get something dependable and robust,seeing as you already ditched on all the good bikes,whats left?mileage?get a scooter

They may not hold much gas, BUT they are typically ridden below 1/4 throttle, so they don't use that much either.

If your really worried about which gets the best mileage, you better take in to account the size of the tank!

If you're buying brand new, I'm told the GasGas is much better now than in previous years. I know people who ride Shercos and love them. I think my next bike may well be a Sherco 2 stroke.

As for fuel consumption/mileage, buy the bike you want and carry extra fuel in a backpack like the rest of us!! :busted:

I think I will go and have a look at the sherco 2009.

I'm looking at 2stroke because the 4stroke is too expensive for me.

Could go 2nd hand, but like to own a new one.

Anyone got a sherco 2.5? Good bikes: pro's-con's?

thx for the advice...

If this will be your first bike, then get a used one, ride it for a season until you know what you want, then sell it to buy a new one.

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