08 KTM 450SXF shock spring


I just picked up a nice used 08 450sxf, its all stock. I have one question about the suspension. I'm going to send the shock and forks off to Mx-tech next month but for the time being I want to set up the stock suspension the best I can.

With the stock spring I'm getting 35mm bike sag and 145-150mm rider sag. This spring is way to soft.

I have some extras PDS springs, should I go ahead and swap out the stock SR with a PDS.

I have the following:


-Factory Connection FC3 (same as PDS3)

-PDS 6 (265mm)

-SR 90

I'm about 205-210 lbs, I'm thinking the PDS 6 would be the best place to start, any thoughts?

Thanks for the input

what speed are you, i dont know the right spring as pds is not my area but others will want to know.

I'm about 205-210 lbs, I'm thinking the PDS 6 would be the best place to start, any thoughts?

weight with or without gear?

and as mog already asked, what's your speed (skills) ?

i'd start with the PDS3

if it's too stiff for your liking (or abilities), go with the PDS6

PDS6 is 10mm longer than the PDS3 (260/250mm)

I'm 205-210 without gear and I'm a 36 yr old Vet B rider. I installed the PDS 6 last night and got 33mm bike sag and 115mm rider sag. Will the longer PDS6 (265mm) be an isssue? The stock spring, PDS0 and PDS3 are all 250mm.

by the way the spring rates are as follows:

08 stock SR 6.9 kg/mm

PDS0 6.5-8.3

PDS6 7.15-9.0

PDS3 8.0-10.3

sorry for beeing nitpicking, but WP measures in N/mm, ie

08 stock linear spring = 69 N/mm ~ 7.0 kg/mm

PDS0 = 65-83/250

PDS3 = 80-103/250

PDS6 = 71-90/260

First 2 numbers are the spring code.

The springcode equals the spring rate for 230/240 and 250mm springs but not for 260 and 280mm springs!

Spring - Length | Code | Rate

PDS0 - 250 | 65-83 | 65-83

PDS3 - 250 | 80-103 | 80-103

PDS6 - 260 | 71-90 | 71-107

First springrate is measured when spring is compressed 20mm,

second springrate is measured when spring is compressed 100mm.

Number after the slash is the spring length in mm.

PDS 5 and 6 are also available in 280mm length, so check what's written on the spring or measure.

Whether the 10mm longer is a problem, that's a question of shock body length and necessary preload.

Preload on a PDS shock shouldn't exceed 8mm.

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