broken collarbone/ no insurance

Hi guys, i recently broke my collar bone going over the top. broke in two spots and looks like everybody elses that post the xray picks. I have no insurance so the doc automatically dismissed surgery. just wanted to see the general thoughts on if this is bad and am i facing a truly horrible injury if i wreck on the same side or area.(due to not healing correctly) any experiences or ideas would be appreciated.:busted:

Tell them you would like to pre-pay cash. I got a cast on my wrist, which included several visits and x-rays for $300 cash, which probably would have been a few grand if sent to insurance.

Collarbone surgery is much more involved obviously. I have insurance now, although it is bs. If I understand it correctly, I pay 1st $5000. Operation is probably $5000 to $20000. Cash could be way less.

thanks, ill see if that will work.

I deal with this all the time.

Our drive out price, inclusive of all services is $10,500.

That is the cheapest in the USA

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