what size tap to insert M10x1.25 helicoil?

i need to install a m10 helicoil and i only have helicoil inserts.i dont really want to spend extra cash for helicoil kit.i just need to know drillbit size and tap size needed to install m10 1.25 helicoil.i think its a m12x1.25 but im not positive.

Come by my shop and I'll set you up.

Either helicoil or timecert.

Bill@Moss Machine


bill,thanks for offer i was working in san jose today so i didnt see your message until about 9:00p.m. this evening.i called k119 tools today and they verified tap i needed was a m12 1.25 so i ended up putting in helicoil myself.i have a bunch of different size helicoils and good tap & die set but dont have installation tool for every size helicoil.the other problem was helicoil wants people to buy kit so they dont list tap size on boxes of inserts.i stripped the my oil line pickup in sidecase and was little nervous about screwing it up.which do you think works better timesert or helicoil?thanks again.

Originally posted by freestyle111:

.which do you think works better timesert or helicoil?thanks again.

timeserts are a solid insert vs. a slinky spring.

If you have the dia for a timesert it is my first choice for longevity in an oft removed environment.

They are pricey though and you have to hunt for a jobber/distributor.

Give me a holler in the future so I can be of service to my local tt bro's.


i could of got the right timesert but a while back i had heard someone talking about bad experience with timeserts,so i figured i'd better stick with helicoils.i saw the timeserts at toolmart [mission rd. daly city]they looked like they would be stronger than helicoil and easier to install.i think next time i would like to use timeserts.they were expensive but so are helicoil kits.price at toolmart were heli kit $59 timesert kit $69.i'll defintly give you a ring next time i need one.when are we going go riding?

I would love to go riding.

My wife does the books at Monroe motors in S.F. and the husky wr250 in the window has kinda caught my eye.

I am fussing around with my wr motor again and need two bikes so I can tinker.

I'll keep you posted.

Freestyle, ignore any bad reports about timeserts, they'll be from people who try to use them like a helicoil. If you follow the instructions re insertion (i.e. don't wind the insertion tool up the insert before you fit it) they work brilliantly. Definitely stronger and more reliable than a helicoil IMHO.

install a 13mm (1/2')helicoil soooo much cheaper. Helicoil uses their own special tap size to keep you from buying anything but their kit. Regular tap's will not work you must use their tap to insert threads.

Sorry I read wrong. use 7/16 HC I thought I read 12mm

hsstar,helicoil labels tap sizes different but they are not special taps.to install a m10 x 1.25 helicoil [use tap size m12x1.25],to install m8 1.25 helicoil [use a m10x1.25 tap]. SFO,i might be working in the city [Mcallister & Steiner]next week.how close is that to your shop?

I am having a bbq tommorrow at 2 with a stunt show in the parking lot.

Come and join, all are invited.

Moss Machine

1398B bryant st.

Sf, go around back.

The 21st of July.

i have to give someone a ride to airport at 2.ill see if i can drop them off a little early .so i can come check out stunt show.are you performing?

Not my mc performance.

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