Dr Mark: Condromalacia caused by MX riding

I was diagnosed with Condromalacia grade I in both knees 9 months ago. It was treated with Hyaluronic acid (6 shots / knee) and plenty of sessions with my physiotherapist to correct patella's realignment, glucosamine and chondroitine. I've been fine and still do mx, but pain is coming back. Is it a good idea to take more infiltrations? I've been told they only get rid of pain but don't cure at all. I'm afraid of doing mx beecause it's what caused this. It seems to get worse when I ride a lot. Could this develop into something worse?

Thanks very much for your input. I hope my English is ok

If you have ongoing problems not resloved by the methods you described, consider finding someone that can do an anteromedial transfer of the tibial tubericle.

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