2008 CRF450X steering stabalzier question.

I have a stock CRF450X that i use in the woods and i would like to add a Scott's steering stabalizer. What do i need, how do i order, and how much will it cost?

Have you tried the Scotts website? I think they show you the options- I would opt for the "under the bar mount" but that's up to you. As for cost, shop around- New is always good, but a used unit isn't always bad- they're totally rebuildable and all dirt bike units are the same (just different mounts).

Lots of info on this already discussed.

(not being orderly or assanine.... just informing);

First, read the stickies at the top of the page.

Second, use the "Search" button on the top of your web page.

Search in "450X" and use keyword "damper" or "stabilizer".

You'll get more than you need.

... then, come back and let us know what you think your after. Come at everyone with a bit of education on what's out there. They'll respect ya a bit more than you asking everyone else to do your homework for ya. :busted:

I run a under bar mount GPR, with an aftermarket triple clamp.

.... but I can't say my cost, it's not public knowledge. :moon:

I've ran, SCOTTS, RTT, GPR, DENTON, HONDA (ETC.ETC).... Depending on your riding style, ability, and if woods are your only terrain.... I think a SCOTTs is most advantageous. But a GPR is most simple and works awesome for the lower price.

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