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DRZ 400E lighting

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Just bought a 02 E model and notice that the OEM headlight has a 3 wire connector implying it has ground, high and low, but the main harness connector only uses 2 wires and one pin is a blank.

The OEM tail light is a nifty LED unit that would make a great brake light, so only a tail light/license plate holder is all that is needed under the stock fender.

I haven't seen any posts where these parts are incorporated in a street legal lighting package.

Worst case scenario, one would only need a headlight-T/S-horn switch for $56, a tale light-plate holder for $38, 2 pressure switches for $40, a car parts relay for ?$8?, a turn signal flasher for $8?, an econo-horn for $8, 4 Buell turn signals for $32 and some wire and connectors for $10. Total of maybe $200.

I read on one of these forums that the bike puts out 200 watts!!!

Am I missing something? Why is this deal so expensive? Looking forward to vindication or correction.


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Right you are. Dual sporting is no big deal if you are will to do a little wiring yourself. See post close below. The LED really is not a brake light but you might get away with it. Go for it. Yes, 200 watts alternator out put. E, S, and SM are all the same

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