Yoshimura RS-3D Repacking

Was curious if anyone out there with this system, in particular full carbon, has repacked theirs? My dad and I started on them tonight, but we ran into several problems. Getting the end caps off, then the actual inner tip off was very troublesome. Also we can't figure out how we're going to get everything back on once we actually repack the mufflers. With the core in the muffler the inner cap doesn't want to fit inside the carbon shell. Any tips? Very frustrated with the whole process and I have to run my stock system tomorrow :busted: To top it all off the original packing wasn't as bad as we had thought and could have lasted quite a bit longer!

Thanks for any help.

Bump. Anyone?

i had a hell of a time repacking my stock duals too. i really dont understand your whole post but you are just gonna have to use alot of force, but you gonna have to be carfull with that carbon though, i had to beat mine against a concreat floor to get everything back together :busted:

to get the packing in take the end cap and caister off, then wrap it around then wrap some tape around it, then just slide it down with you hand

We got it all figured out, well I should say he did rather. The yoshimura silencers are a bit different from the stock I think. The end caps on them are basically just covers that go over an inner end cap. The inner one is metal and shaped like the old stinger exhausts, not the cone. Getting the inner one back into the carbon shell and then the outer end cap over it was the main problem. I'm not really sure how he did it, just came up into my room a few hours later saying he got it back together just fine. Thanks for the words though.

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