Good deal???

I'd say it would probably be a good bike. Those little honda 50 motors are bulletproof!!

Yea, I've heard that my only question about the price of that bike is the rear wheel why is it so close to the other parts of the bike.

the rear wheel is fine, theres just a little 3 arm cradle that goes around it.

probably could be converted to a single swingarm.

i would try and talk him down a fair bit, i got my 125 for less than that.

in better/newer condition too

It might be 'cause the chain's short........

Do yall think he would take $600???

Looks like it could use a chain and a rear sprocket, so that will help to jew him!

Try $500, then maybe you could get it for $600

Okay, its probably got some other stuff, that needs to be replaced but I need something to ride because my parents are always working and they wont let me ride my race bikes while there not here.

if he doesnt take 500 for it, its not worth it, he will be back, just make sure he knows how to contact you.

Okay what if he dont take it what about$550?

I'd buy it for $550.

Okay. I'm gonna try to buy it! ANy thing i should know about these pit bikes before spending all of my money on it?

50s are too small and too slow. No way I would buy one..I'd save up for something bigger.

Its for a pit bike and I've saved my money i'm gonna use MY money and buy it!

ya, i guess i shouldve said that ^^

unless you race in the pitbike class or something, i would just go with a kx65 or a klx110.

a 50 is way overrpriced for being... well a 50!

Yea but there so much fun and I want one so I'm gonna buy one! I plan to when It becomes older to me to sell and get something bigger.

Don't ask for opinions then. But don't come complaining on here when you get tired of that whopping 50cc engine.

I'll just sell it and get something bigger so i wont have to come whine to you! I'm glad I wont have to!

just remember, its not new, and its depriciating rapidly.

you could put $500 into it and next year when the 09's are selling for $800, nobody is going to want to buy it for near what youve paid

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