My New 250

I just got a 2007 YZ 250 2 stroke, up from a CRF 250R. I love it, the only problem is when I'm on the pipe, I feel like the bike just wants to rocket out from under me. I have been riding for almost 8 years and have gotten pretty good. On all my previous bikes (250F, 125 2t, 85 2t, etc...) I've been able to hit desert whoops really well, like 4th or 5th gear, wrung out. On this bike, when ever I'm on the pipe and want to lift the front wheel over some whoops, it wants to jump out from under, which is pretty scary. I'm guessing this is what it will feel like when I'm jumping at the track too.

The bike has a VForce reed in it, how much does that affect it? I guess my real question is are you guys on 250 2 strokes riding these things on the pipe when jumping or going through whoops, or are you upshifting to smooth out the power a little bit? Thanks in advance. :busted:

i put a g2 throttle cam on my rm. i use the #400 cam. no control problems. it slows down the carb opening, more forgiving if i get whiskey throttle. it still ends up wot at the same point. its so smooth i feel almost 0 hit.

i had a YZ 250 and thought it was smooth as butter compared to my modded CR250. it is prob something you will have to get used to as the power delivery is different then that of a 4 banger.

you can try a gear higher or a flywheel weight. problem with the gear higher is the power hit you would need sometimes won't be there

Until you get comfortable with the powerband, accelerate harder out of the preceding corner so you can hit the jumps/whoops smoother in a gear higher. If you are concerned about which technique is faster (i.e., lower gear tapped vs. higher gear smooth), have someone time your laps or your times on various sections of the track. Some of the YZ 250s I have ridden hit harder than others and take a while to get used to, just like a CR 250.

After a while, you will enjoy hitting jumps while on the pipe...just comes with seat time on a 250 2 stroke. As far as whoops go, I would continue to hit them in a higher gear.

I went through the same thing when I was getting used to a modded YZ 250. Eventually I got used to jumping on the pipe.

You may need to get used to the bike, but another thing it could be is the sprockets your running, when I got my 125 (granted a 125 and 250 are different) it felt just like what your saying, but I got used to it rather quick, then I changed the gearing to a 50 tooth rear instead of a 52 and the feeling of lifting the front wheel up and the kick was gone, now Im going to get another 52 rear cause I want that feeling again:ride:

Sweet thanks for the tips everyone. :busted:

a flywheel weight will take off that initial "hit" and smooth out power delivery, also will help keep the motor spinning in tight woods/offroad.

I was having the same prob when i got on my first CR250 but put a 8oz fw weight and it helped out, probably could have even went with a 10 or 12 oz.

grip more with your legs/knees, and man up. im only 16, but i ride my dads kx250 pretty regularly, and it just takes strength and endurance. try to manhandle the bike, dont let it ride you.

I have basically the same problem. I have an 01 Cr250 and it had a lot of midrange hit. The track I am on is a small sx type. I rode with a guy who was on a crf250 and his jumping and overall riding lookes effortless. I am shifting thru gears, trying to get the speed up then the bike pretty much stands stright up off steep jumps and it makes me look like a novice.

Also, when I am really into my game I tend to overjump alot and it takes my strength away.

needless to say, I love the power but right now it does not love me.


I went riding a few times this week and I feel a lot better on the bike now. I think it just took a while to get used to the different type of power. I also found that squeezing the bike with my legs and knees more when I'm standing up helps a lot.

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