drz 400e fork & headlamp questions

ok, being the bright one and not checking before buying.............

i have a 05 drz 400e that is a dual sport, found a stock sm headlamp complete with bracket, well the holes in the up side down forks are much larger then my e model for the fork holes, my question about the forks on a s and a e are they the same size ? if so short of the dealer anyone know where to find the brackets so i can install a stock headlamp on my bike ?

it has the baja design kit but the plastic is going bad for some reason and starting to look bad, my bike is super clean and a i'm sure the stock light will be brighter for nite time riding too

any help will be great

merry christmas to all ! :busted:

My question about the forks - on an S and an E are they the same size?---Yes. S and E have same size conventional forks. SM, upsidedown forks.

If so, short of a dealer, anyone know where to find the brackets so I can install a stock headlamp on my bike?----I would suspect there are a lot of brackets to fit your forks floating around unused. But it would not be hard to find some plastic pipe to adapt your SM brackets to your E forks. Plumbing pipe is very easy to machine if the correct sizes can not be found on the shelf.

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