FLY Formula MX helmet

just got this helmet for Christmas and boy was i surprised.. this thing is awesome!!! but i have a few questions. im a little scared to wear this expensive helmet while in small practice tracks and such because i dont wanna screw it up over a small fall. so ive decided to wear my old helmet while on the piss-whiddly (sp?) tracks and save the nice helmet for the big, fast,dangerous tracks. however, if a replacement liner (the one that takes all the shock) is available then i would reconsidder and wear the good helmet all of the time. Any help with this?

And Merry Christmas to all!!

Just wear the new helmet everywhere.

I'd wear the new helmet everywhere-- bad crashes can happen anywhere and on any track. I don't know why it is but it seems like I usually get up from the 50mph cartwheels, but the slow tip-overs totally jack me up!

One of my worst crashes happened in practice for a downhill mtn bike race. Luckily, I was wearing a quality moto helmet- had I been wearing a cheapo bicycle helmet I can guarantee it would've been bad.

Also, replaceable liners are usually the material/padding, not the styrofoam. I've never seen a helmet company offer just the foam-- and even if they did I would venture to guess that if you need styrofoam then most likely the fiberglass/carbon/kevlar shell has been compromised, too.

well, i guess you all are right and i do want the most safety i can achieve however a $420 helmet is something id never dream i get. and i can pretty much say for sure that i wont get another one

I would just wear the new helmet all the time. Thats what it is for. Dont

be too concerned about it getting small scratches etc, that will just let

everyone know you ride.


That's the fabric liner/padding inside- definitely not the styrofoam liner which is what provides much of the protection from an impact.

I don't think a helmet company would ever dream of letting people replace such a critical part of the helmet- the liability would be too great (if it's installed wrong, into the wrong sized helmet, into a shell that is damaged, etc.).

You can, however, buy the foam padding (aka liners) which don't really provide much protection, just comfort. Some like to replace it after it gets stinky or to have a spare set for changing in between motos.

I believe some manufacturers will sometimes use a common shell for 2 different sizes of helmet and change the pad size instead- so for example, if you wore a medium but it was getting tight, you could buy large padding and it will still go into the same size shell. Or, they may use the same shell for a small & medium. :busted:

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