Dr.Mark, Inversion tables

Are inversion tables a good form of therapy for lumbar disc herniation as well as spine maintainance and hydration of discs?

good temporary relief.

not as good in the long run a a program of aerobic fittnes, ne hour per day.

i was recently diagnosed with 3 herniations in my lower spine and sciatica. i'm also quite a bit overweight right now (33yrs old, 5' 9" @ 210lbs), pretty much the heaviest ive ever been. i think i need to lose about 20-30lbs.

when i got diagnosed, i stayed off the bike for a few months, but i didnt feel any better. i actually felt worse. i recently started riding again and i am feeling much better, however, i really NEED to lose some weight and get back in shape.

what kind of workout/exercise regime would be appropriate for someone with my issues? is there a specific workout you could recommend? i dont want to aggravate my injuries, but i do need to start getting into a routine and start trimming down again asap.


Checkout the 'Body For Life'


It is straight forward.

thats a good idea. thanks.

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