any race stratagies for a 24 hr race

im racing the perry mnt 24 hr challange this year would like to here your ideas and stratagies for running such a long race im planning on running it solo and entering the 40+ ironman catagory i have a choice of riding a 07 yx450/04 crf250 /98 wr 400 /or a kdx 220 all are in great condition

the yz and the crf both would need lights added if i use one of them any pointers and good stratigies would be great heres a link to there site


Doing it IM is insane!:moon:

I just did one with a 6 man team and the winning IM actually did more laps than us. If you are going for a win I think you just have to ride and ride and ride. Very few stops. If you are in it to survive then I saw a few IM guys doing 2 laps(just under 2 hours) and then taking a quick break. I was pretty beat just after doing my share so I can't imagine doing the whole thing.:busted:

I've never raced and my average trail ride is just a couple of hours, so I have no idea of stratergies.

But, I would either ride your CRF250 or your KDX220. Smaller bore/power, easier to ride. And the KDX would have the plusher suspension to help you last longer.

Ride either the WR or the KDX. Smoother power and easier to ride slow. A MX bike will beat you to death. Not only with the suspension, but also the power. You want something with smooth bottom end that will require minimal clutch work and will be nice to you. If you have to hang on tight when you wick it open, that is not good. I figure that if you were the kind of guy that knows that you could hang on to an MX bike for 24hrs straight, you wouldn't be asking for advice anyway. You would be way more manly than the rest of us. For my last 24hr race, I had two bikes prepared depending on what happened with our team. I ended up racing my brute (KTM 505) because all of my team made it and I did not need to do more than one lap at a time. If it would have all come unraveled (as it did in my previous race), I had my XR650R prepared as it is a nice big fluffy couch that requires minimal effort to "pace" ride.

Rule number one. Don't ride fast. Pick a pace that you can ride and stick with it. Do not race guys as they go past you. It is tough to let them go, but make sure that you do. Even sprinting with guys for a few corners every lap will wear you out faster.

Rule number two. Hydrate and fuel. You, not the bike. Always, and I mean always drink water. As much as you can. And avoid the energy drinks if at all possible. Too much caffine will keep you up, but it will also cause you to cramp. That is bad. And a word to the wise, don't mix Red Bull and a Five Hour Energy. I was awake (wide awake) but I was also shaking. And cramping. And I weigh 275lbs and was drinking 2 qts of water an hour. Never again will I mix a cocktail like that. Always eat just a little bit. Fruits and things with NATURAL sugars are good for energy that won't drag you down. Avoid stuff with processed sugars as your body needs more energy to break stuff like that down. And you don't need to be wasting energy to break down a Snickers bar or a liter of Coke.

Rule number three. Change clothes. In the middle of the night it is awazing how much bettter you will feel when you take a little time to get out of the dusty riding gear you are wearing to put on clean clothes. And I mean all of your clothes. And be sure to run a little baby powder down there. The "boys" will thank you for that.

Rule number four. Find some guys that want to watch you suffer. You must have pit support or you are doomed. Pit support is necessary so that when you come in for a stop, there are others to fuel, change the filter, check the spokes, etc... while you focus on getting on some fresh clothes and getting some fluids and food in your body.

Rule number five. You need good lights. Not only a light on the bike, but a BATTERY powered helmet light. And by battery powered I don't mean hooked to the battery on the bike (if you ride the WR). If you want to finish, two separate lighting systems that do not run on the same power source are the best bet. If you crash, or a mechanical failure occurs with one system, you will still have the other to get you back around that lap to the pits to make repairs. If you are relying on one light source and it goes down a couple of miles out from the pits at 3:00am, you are screwed.

Rule number six. Have fun. If you cease to have fun, stop and take a nap. If you are not out to win (and if it is your first time, finishing should be the only goal) be sure to keep that in perspective. A 24hr race is way more mental than physical, and having the right mindset is key. If you aren't enjoying it, than everyone else around you will not be having a good time either and that makes the whole experience miserable. So just enjoy it and have a good time.

Rule number seven. The race is not won in the afternoon of the first day or the morning of the last day. It is won between midnight and 5am. This is when teams and individuals peter out, have mental lapses, etc... that ruin their races. If you can perform consistently when the sun is down, you will do well. You can loose the race at any time, especially on the first few laps until everyone gets spread out. Remember that there will be a lot of people at the start who are gung ho to set the world on fire. Be sure to steer clear of them and let them go. You may not be wanting to race with them, but many think that all traffic on the first couple of laps is personally trying to hold them back and punting in corners is the norm. Just give guys the inside line and let 'em race themselves.

Oh and don't forget... Have fun!!!!!

I have a tip for you.

pin it to win it does not apply to 24 hour racing.


Can a mx 4st 250 race for 24 hrs straight?

Can a mx 4st 250 race for 24 hrs straight?

If it's a honda, you'll need to shim the valves at the 12 hour mark. :busted:

Take lots of spares. Locktight everything.

Don't destroy your lights during the day.

If it's a honda, you'll need to shim the valves at the 12 hour mark. :busted:

HAHAHAHAHA okay that was funny and I ride a honda lol

Idk thats a good question... I know I wouldn't wanna run my bike 24 hours! That beast would be bubbling over I'm pretty sure!

Can a mx 4st 250 race for 24 hrs straight?

Yep, and I've seen it done. It just takes really good bike prep, and proper maintenance during the event. No matter what bike you ride, if it is a four stroke make sure that the valves and anything else are adjusted right before you go. On my race team, every bike goes to a 24hr race with new tires, new HD tubes, any damaged spokes replaced and wheels trued, new chain and sprockets, adjusted valve trains, fresh oil and filters, and freshly packed silencers.

But this applies to ANY bike that is going to see that kind of abuse. At the last race I did, although we rode as a team event and we were able to ride multiple bikes, every bike went out with a fresh air filter every time. We started with three clean and oiled filters for each bike (four bikes). We started washing air filters in the pits at 4:00pm (the race had started at 10:00am) as the course was much dustier than in past years and filters were caked after one 20+ mile lap.

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