Wrecked my '02 DRZ400s tonight

Well got together with a few sportbike guys I know for a Christmas ride to tear up some back roads. Seen a few cops but they mostly didnt give a damn about us riding wheelies on the deserted back roads. I road a seat stander down a mile stretch into a corner rounding it when I noticed a Jeep flying over the yellowing line with a kid in the front seat right at me. :moon:

2 choices was to hit the jeep head on or sit the SS down in the apex of the corner and hope for the best :p . I chose B and it didnt end well either. sitting it down and getting outa the way the front end wobbled like there was no tomorrow eventually thowing me and itself aginst the pavement at about 55. All in all the bike fended for itself leaving 2 broken signals, some broken plastic and bent bars. Supprisingly the shifter didnt puncture the side case. :eek:

On my list to buy:

New bars

Undertail taillight

LED signals

MRD exhaust

and coverting to white :mad:

All in all the jeep pulled over and checked on me to make sure I was alright and thanked me. No rash on my upper body do to my leather coat but some minor bruising and rash on the legs. Thank god for boots :busted:

Merry Christmas yall




Sucks to hear man.

Glad you're mostly okay though. It's a good excuse to buy some new goodies for your bike!

Glad to hear you survived. I save my trail riding stunts for the trails. up to you how you ride. sounds like normal trail rash, but good upgrades. i just reversed my front signals and raised them on the front for free, found the mods online here. the edge and associated tail blinkers are great for the rear. get rid of those deathwings and put some dunlop 606's or something on those rims before you hurt some one!!! happy trails.... merry christmas....

Don't look too bad. Good you're ok

glad to hear your all right.looks like you need a paint job on the bike.

Wrong place, wrong time. Could have been a lot worse. Glad there were no serious injuries. FWIW, I'm amazed at how well the OEM bars held up. Mine were bent worse than that from just dropping the bike on the right side(standing still in my garage). It's gonna be a different bike with the mods!

Good luck, and enjoy.

So, you rode a seat stander right into a blind corner eh?

Well, glad you're ok. The bike doesn't look too bad either. You got very lucky.

So, you rode a seat stander right into a blind corner eh?

Well, glad you're ok. The bike doesn't look too bad either. You got very lucky.

Agreed....might wanna re-think your riding practices - cause you almost paid eternally for it. And, trust me, I did stupid shit all the time on a bike until fate smacked my peepee and put a 10 year gap in my ability to ride.

Hey thanks for all the comments. I could see into the curve just not what was coming into the curve if that makes sense. Not the smartest thing to do but hey we all make mistakes I guess and I was just very fortunate to walk out alright. Happy riding and Ill give an update when the bike gets done. Thanks guys and gals! :busted:


the hardest part of youth is surviving, if you can't be smart then quick and lucky just might due. glad to hear your ok

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