How Often To Replace Rings On 07 Kx250f

ok guys. i bought my 2007 kx250f new and rode it from spring to summer and was never raced, but i rode it almost every day. it was never on the rev limiter all but maybe 4-5 times and was not held there but like i said it was rode almost every day for about 2-3 hours each day i could. i rode it about 75% of the whole time i had it. it has about 35-40 hours on it and i do regualr oil changes. i change the oil and oil filter about every 10-15 hours like the maual call for. i run bel-ray thumper semi synthetic racing oil. i also clean the air filter about ever 6-10 hours. but i just need to know how long u guys think i should replace rings in this.:busted:

You rode it for approximately six months,nearly everyday for two to three hours and only have thirty to forty hours on it? Fuzzy math, lol. Anyway, have you ever checked the valves? If there's truly only thirty to forty hours on it I wouldn't worry about it.

yea thats what i was going to say.I bought my 2007 in january of 2007 and dont ride much other races.I have 60 hours on it now.


you ride 3 - 4 hours a day and you only change the oil overy week or so?

Yikes! With your oil and air filter maintenance intervals, I'm surprised it hasn't needed a complete top end by now. Maybe it does.:busted:

nope it still runs strong and trust me i love my bike and i know people say that they change the oil every ride lol. thats to EXPENSIVE. 1 qourt of oil is 15 bucks. and i need to and if id di that after every ride it would be alot of $.im doing what my manual says. and also i do check my valves ever 15 hours and they are good. also im not ride open and on the rev limiter. im just kinda in the middle. im not always on the track either i ride some woods and have to go slow sometimes.

$15 for a quart of oil?? Go to Walmart and get their 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 15w50 car oil for around $25. One of the best oils ever made, and it wont make your clutch slip.

$15 for a quart of oil?? Go to Walmart and get their 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 15w50 car oil for around $25. One of the best oils ever made, and it wont make your clutch slip.

that or a bunch of us use rotella oil...ive been using it for months...i got it for 13 dollars for like a 4 quart lasts like 2 oil changes...get a ss oil filter and you will be set

If $ is an issue then run Rotella and change it every 2-3 hours. Even $15 a quart oil is junk after 10 hours! Remember, your oil is shared by the entire engine, including the transmission and clutch and becomes contaminated very quickly.

I agree with the rotella idea. Your better off running cheap oil and changing every few hours than what your doing.

I would tear it down and take a look at everything to be sure. If all is well then we are all dummies for changing oil so often.

At $6-7 k for a bike, 100 bucks a season for oil is a sound investment I run rotella in all the play bikes and change it often, mobil 1 mx 4t in the big bikes and i think its cheap insurance.

Not to hijack, but this is precisely why these 4 strokes are destroying the used market. Because I know that I would rather buy a 5 or 6 yr old 2 smoke than a 4st with 30 hrs on it in fear of getting a bike that was maintained poorly and may grenade and then your out big bucks for a rebuild. Not casting dispersions on you, but as an indicator of used values, look around, $3500 for a 450 with low hours is a common thing these days.

How can this be good for anyone? Someone needs to buy them new?

i understand i might switch over to the r1 superbike stuff. i have to see if its sold at wal-mart

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