Better first upgrade choice?

I'm going to be placing an order for a few things from the TT store for my 01 Drz 400s. I'm probably ordering the MCCT, JD jet kit and extended fuel screw so I can do 3x3 mod, case guard set, and either a skid plate or radiatior guards. I ride mostly street and easy trails so I'm thinking the radiator guards would probably be a better first choice for protection. Do you think I would be better off getting the skid plate for easy trails or would I be better off going with the radiator guards for now? Also, if I go with the radiator guards, should I go with the Unabikers or Flatland guards? If you think I would be better off spending the money on anything else other than my choices for a stock bike feel free to make suggestions.

MCCT and case shields are a must. Add float bowl screws with your 3 x 3 plan. Unibiker rad guards and do the skid plate when funds allow, it protects cases on the sides if you lay it down :busted:. Good luck.

Sounds like you have a good plan. I did the same thing, but I bought the skid plate before I bought the Unabikers. I guess if you can't afford both at the same time, you'll have to decide. I feel better knowing that I have both installed. That being said, I've never really tested the rad. guards as of yet(knock on wood), but the skid plate gets used on a pretty regular basis(but I ride in some pretty rough areas).

Just know this: Just about everything you do to this bike(mods) are going to make your bike BETTER than it is now. It'll run better, handle better, stop better, weigh less, be more comfortable, etc. This can become habit forming. And expensive. Quickly. You've been warned.

You said it. I'm yet to do the rad guards but did the skid plate and case guards. Both are a must but I kind of think the skid plate is gonna get tested more than radiator guards will. Look at members bikes. You will see a bunch with marked up skid plates, but very few that I've noticed with beat up radiator guards. But that one time you need them and dont have em'........

I'm getting mine soon.

id get the case savers and mcct first, just because they are inexpensive. then you need to decide if you want power or more protection on the bike... id recommend saving up for a new pipe and do the jet kit and 3x3 at the same time... everyone is gonna have there own opinions but thats the route i took... still havent gotten radiator guards..will be my next purchase once i convert to dirt.

Is the stock skid plate THAT bad? I plan on replacing it, but I'm going to do radiator guards first since they are virtually unprotected.

The stock plate won't protect anything useful - all it's good for is making the oil drain plug hard to get to.

If you haven't yet found what kind of riding you want to do, then you might want to stick with the basic performance mods to begin; either street or trail you'll want to let the ponies outta the mill, so money spent there won't be wasted.

Later, if you decide that you want your DrZ to live on the street, you won't want to add parts that will add weight (skid plates, rad guards, etc). If, however, your Z wants to stay in the dirt (where it belongs) then you will need to protect the engine, calipers, levers, and rads with bash plates and guards. Either way you'll want to get the side case covers.

Like wvdualsport said, welcome to the slippery slope.

I've been thinking and I might just get the MCCT and case guards for now and hold off on the jet kit. I might just wait the 2 months for my tax return and get the FCR-mx and a full MRD exhaust instead of spending money on the jet kit now just for a few months use. I definetlly want more power out of the bike. It's a fun ride anyways but SLOW

Nothin' wrong with that plan; you'll never regret the extra ponies. Include cams if you want to get the most benefit from your intake and exhaust mods.

3x3, FCR, cam(s) and full exhaust will get rid of those SLOW feelings you're having.

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