Heres my one dumb question..

Give me this one dumb question, and I promise I'll do my best not to ask another After all the carb fiddling I've done recently, my question is this.. Does the carb need to be clamped in place perfectly horizontal? Does having the carb off horizontal affect its operation? I would assume being off horizontal would affect it... after the last round of carb adjustments I clamped it back in not perfectly straight up and down and noticed some occasional sputtering and loading up on the higher revs. Of course I didnt realize it was off center until I had it back and the shop and was scratching my head as to Thanks!

It shouldn't have much of an affect on the performance, I've pulled mine out at least half a dozen times and I know I've never put it back exactly dead nuts. But then again I've been known to over look a thing or two.

If the carb is slightly crooked it can screw up the float level and cause weird symptoms. 10 degrees or less is probably acceptable.

When you ride, your bike is jumping all over hell going up and down hills so the carb doesn't care if it's leaning a little bit one way or the other it seems to me. I do try to get it straight up and down like DRX350 says

Of more concern is getting the carb engaged properly into the airbox snorkel. If you're not careful you're going to be sucking dirt into the motor. It's a bitch on mine.

Kinda what I figured. I noticed the overflow dripping a little gas now with the bike sitting, where as before it didnt.. when I get back up to the shop tomorrow with all my new goodies in hand, Im going to get it leveled and check the float level..and double check the carbs fuly sealed on both ends..

Thanks for the input guys!

Theres no such thing as a dumb question here. I rather ask a dumb question, than make a stupid costly mistake. Thats all I got to say about that. :busted: Go green:thumbsup:

There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers, and trust me I have given out quite a few in my time. :busted:

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