Throttle position sensor

I'm a fool and took the tps off the carb on my 08. Now I need help adjusting it... it didnt have the paint on it showing where it should be so how do i know where to put it back to?

You will need a ohm meter and a service manual

i have an ohm meter i just need to know what to have them at

Couple methods. Easiest is measuring the voltage between the yel and blk wires while it warmed up and idle speed set. .58-.78volt

The other is using resistance, easy but a little more complicated.

Working with the 3 wires to the tps you need to take two readings and do some math. record ohms for blue- black and yellow- black.

the blue- black reading multiplied by .13 to .15 (hi low range) should equal your yellow -black reading. If not adjust till it falls into range.

Thanks highmarker that's all i needed.

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