2008 crf 250r jetting

I just installed a leo vince x3 full exhaust setup and the head pipe glows red hot and the bike needs some carb adjusting. anyone have this issue or what jetting specs i should go with?

glows red hot while riding or while sitting still in your garage?

how does it run other wise?

glows red while sitting still.

I know that the Ti Head pipes will glow red almost instaneously while sitting still. My brother's bike does it and so does my friend's bike.

The JD Jetting Kits work majic and are really worth the money. Cycle Gear.com has by far the cheapest price on them I've found yet.

Make sure you get the one for the 08 250R though. Becuase if I'm not mistaken the 08 has a 40mm carb and the others have a 37mm.

Good luck, just follow the instructions to the tee. :moon::busted: :busted:

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