what do I need for LED indicators?

I broke a rear indicator a couple of days ago and I figure its better to just get a 4 set of matching LED ones, as i'm also sick of the little bulbs in my set blowing all the time. I've heard if I run all 4 as LED they won't flash at all? Do I just simply need to install a resistor or what? and what rating to make it flash at the correct rate (though I don't really care if it flashes fast, as long as they flash)

You either load it up with resistors - which defeats the purpose to my way of thinking.

Or get another blinker unit designed for LED's.

I agee with NordieBoy, get the proper flasher unit. Depending on the unit the dash indicator light will also have to be rewired, disconected or you will have to fit 2 dash lights, 1 for left and 1 for right.

The unit I got was from a auto sparky and is a stand alone unit with 2 output leads, 1 for the blinkers and the other 1 can be extended and used to run the dash light. Because the dash light is wired into both left and right sides and is earthed through the side that is not being used, when you fit LED`s the currant draw of the LED`s is so low that all the blinkers will go at the same time. This doesn`t happen with normal bulbs as the dash light doesn`t draw enough currant to light them up.

Changed my flasher unit for one of these:


The flashing rate works great with 4 LED blinkers, just like stock. I don't have an indicator bulb though as explained above.

Those are not relays, they are simple resistors. As Nordieboy and Spannermad said, I would also avoid them.

Get a LED flasher relay, it should look similar to what I have posted above.

well if the resistors work I really don't care as i'm not running any high loads on the electrical system apart from grip warmers but they don't drain the battery when the engine is on. If not i'll look at getting a flasher relay, is there any specific relay I need? or should I just go into an auto store and ask for any standard flasher relay?

You need a LED flasher relay, a normal one will not work unless you use resistors. That's why you have to switch out the stocker.

I don't like resistors because they are more clumsy to mount, heat up quite a bit so you have to be careful where you put them, and are generally an unnecessary part/weight when the proper solution with a LED relay is not expensive (I got mine for €10).

well I just bought this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=220332287866

@spannermad is that the relay unit your talking about? looks like it has 2 out + 1 ground so I just hook 1 side to one of the relays (or 1 to each side?) and run 1 yellow wire to an indicator and another to the flasher light?

Hi , no these are resistors. I`ll take the seat off and post a pic of the one I got later this morning.

Here is a couple of pics, second one shows how i did the dash lights. they are LED aswell. it needs to be tidyed up but I haven`t got there yet.



it says they are relays but it looks like a resistor wrapped in plastic to me.

you should be able to cancel/get your money back if they are NOT relays.

$30 landed for a set of 4 - relay or not - isn't bad, they are $30 EACH in the shops :busted:

So can I keep my original light with a dual output relay? otherwise i'm just going to disconnect it

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