yz or crf

looking into either a yz or a crfx...might be a dumb question but which one is better for trails (i will ask the same on honda link)

well trails only and no other factors such as reliability handling ect. or???

need more info

If you want the most reliable get the yamaha. I had a honda for 4 years and I loved it and would not hesitate to get another. But I wanted something more reliable so I got a 08 yz250f. I am sure the WR is just as good. And to my supprise the Yami turns great and has awsome suspension.

I made the same decision a few months back. I have several friends who have the CRF and others with the WRF. Given the feedback I received, I believe the WRF is a more reliable bike.

I purchased a used WR250F with around 100 hours. I did the top end just for piece of mind. When open, the top end looked great. It really did not need a new top end. The previous owner had checked the valves but they never needed adjustment. The valves were still perfect. I trail ride my bike and believe I can probably go 200 hours before the next top end. You have to love that. :busted:

FWIW, My son's CRF250R is on the just got it's second valve job in 150 hours. He does race it though. My YZF250 is at 42hrs and the valves have not moved from day one.

INHO the hondas make around 10% more power , but are around 30% less reliable ,or you will be replacing your valves piston etc 3 x as often:ride:

INHO the hondas make around 10% more power , but are around 30% less reliable ,or you will be replacing your valves piston etc 3 x as often:ride:

Took the words right out of my mouth. :busted: Not saying Honda's are bad by any means either.

YAMAHA !!!!!!!!!!! I had a CRF and given i race but i also rode trails with it and it just eats valves and now i got my yamaha ive raced it HARD and havent had a bit of trouble out of it .If you want to dump money in a honda for maintence then get it but tha yamahas are much much cheaper to own and i actually like the overall bike better

I had an 03 yz250f, I wanted to upgrade an I looked into CRF. I read so many bad things about them I decide to go with what I knew and got an 06 yzf. I would go yamaha. you wont regrete it.

personally i think the yamaha is more realiable as long as u keep up with the maintenance but i think yamaha's are more of a jumping and racing bike expecially the yz's if ur looking at trail riding i think a nice honda 4 stroke would do the job and i hate to say that cause i ride the yz's and i would never think of buying a honda for myself!

YZ or YZ/F?

on my 4th blue thumper,great bikes,handle well,bulletproof ,easy as any other jap to work on and maintain. personally i don't have anything against the crf's.i had high hopes for the crf's when they came and considered myself a honda guy,especially since i grew up riding xr's for over twenty years.i found a deal i couldn't pass up on the first yzf....the rest is history:thumbsup: my 2 cents.

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