fork question

I have and 05 drz-s... I am learning to ride off-road and am trying to figure out what effect of upping the for oil weight would have...I don't want to spend money on getting the forks done...I am currently have the compression all thei n (stiff) which is good for the track...yes I know this is not a track bike, but I am really slow...Do you think I could make the bike over all more plush on top by going to 7.5 or even 10 weight oil and going back out on the clickers....By doing this could I retain the bottoming resistance ....I have bel-ray 5 weight in it right now at 4 inches...balance is good..It took forever to get the balance I rode a rmz250F for the first time it was used and abused race bike with sweet suspension... how craps!!! I was in love the this POS bike.. fit me perfect and power to weight was pretty even with the Dirz.

you need stronger springs .

What is your weight? I doubt heavier oil will give you what you want. Heavier springs may help but the real solution is a MX bike.

I am working on getting a mx buddy put 46 springs on .. I did't get a chance to ride it because he sold it so like a month later.. I quess that might be what I end up doing even though the eibach site says my springs are about right for my weight... 160 no gear..

160 without gear is pretty light for the stock springs... unfortunately, as others have alluded to;

the DRZ bottoms out quite easily when jumping... the bike, itself, is just heavy... I bottom out on the smallest jumps; both tires at the same time, rear wheel first, whatever... (I weigh 210 and pack a convenience store in my vest)

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