cr 250 rear on crf 230?

Has anyone tried to install a cr 250 rear shock yet. I searched and found nothing. This is either cause it cant be done, or I am horrible at searching! I found a running 87 cr 250 for $400. Was wondering if I can use the rear since I am gonna be using the front

y not just run the cr250 for a while. or if ur buying the bike just experiment.

Cause I'm only 5'5" I used to race a kx 125 in the mid 80's, and man there alot taller now, too tall. I had a 250f last year, couldnt catch myself when I bobbled on the rocks and logs

The biggest issue mounting any shock to the CRF230 is battery box clearance. The Works Performance shock utilizess a remote reservoir that mounts under the fender or where ever the user deems best fit.

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