so ive got my bike to just a fame and motor im going the bearing while i cant ride cuz of a lack of helmet and i got to the linkage and rear wheel bearing and i noticed the rear wheel has a closed bearing unlike the front wheel do i gotta do anything to it? and does any one have good tips for lubing the linkage? is a 2006 YZ250

take a very small screwdriver and carefully pop off the seal from the back bearings. You are then able to pack them with grease, and reseal them. As for the linkage, just get some grease and go at the bearings, trying to get it in between the rollers. I actually just finished doing all the bearings on my entire bike, and I packed them all to the brim. Was just gonna do the wheel bearings.. and one thing led to another.. At least now I dont have to worry about it. :busted:

i didnt understand that i know about the seal on the front wheel i did that already im talking about the back wheel they have sealed bearings unlike the front wheel i guess i cant lube those?

You can slip a small screwdriver under the edge of the seal on the back bearings and pop off the seal, allowing you to grease them.

If you want to do the job properly you should clean all the old grease and dirt out with Kerosene or similar then repack your bearings with nice fresh waterproof grease.

I would also suggest you buy some replacment wheel bearings for the front that are sealed.

As mentioned twice already pop the plasic seal of the sides of the bearing and pack them with grease.

or if you are lucky enough to have a bearing packer :moon: or have a good friend that works at a car shop :busted:

well now im on the linkage any got some good advice

I play roller hockey and i clean my bearings weekly. Probably not any difference with motorcycles but I use 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, or some form of citrus cleaner.

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