WR timing YZ pipe

If I run a YZ pipe on a 2001 Canadian WR, (no throttle stop, grey wire, or airbox lid) what jetting changes should I make. 0-2000ft.





Any input would be appreciated.

P.S. Is the Canadian carb the same as the U.S. version? I know the stock settings are different.


If it were me I would just run YZ jetting, since for all practical purposes you now have a YZ motor.

EJP #4

My setup:

'01 WR426

throttle stop cut

grey wire disconnected

no airbox lid

YZ cam timing

White Bros E-Series "Hawkins"

FMF Powerbomb SX

mj: 170

pj: 42

~ 1 1/4 turns

ELN #4

previously I ran-


pj: 45

~1 1/2 turns

DRR #5

Which worked pretty good, but the new setup is better.

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