is the klx 450r more reliable than a 450f with 0 hours?

Hey guys, i blew up my 2006 kx 450f a month ago and im getting it rebuilt, however im thinking of moving to a klx 450r? there apparantly a 'detuned' version of the F. im wondering though is it worth the buy to get a klx? i mean hows it reliability wise and power wise? top speed etc? thanks alot guys. also, i would be buying on new of the dealership.:busted:

as i read it, inlet valves are different, exhaust is different, airbox/delivery is different, flywheel is heavier, and the mapping is different.

As for reliability sorry cannot help

The KLX does not rev as high, so it will be easier on the valves. Of course this is only really relative if you bounced your KX450F off the limiter.

From what I have seen the KLX450 is a pretty bulletproof machine. But so are the '07 and '08 KX450Fs I've been around.

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