08 YZ fork springs in a 08 WR fork

So I happen to have some 08 YZ fork springs that are the right rate for me and I want to put them in my 08 WR.... the problem is that the YZ springs are 15mm shorter than the WR springs are supposed to be....(according to the specs on the MX tech website)

15mm doesnt seem like much after all the preload is on them, and this is only 3 % of the over all length.

Will they work just fine anyways? can i add a spacer? or is this a really bad idea? Dont want to blow $120 if I dont have to.

If the only thing different is the length, and the inner and outer diameters are the same, then by all means cut a 15 mm PVC spacer and call it good.

FYI, when I bought stiffer springs from RaceTech for my XR400, the spring they sell you is shorter than the stock spring and the kit included some aluminium tubing that you had to cut to size to make up the difference. I inquired with RT about this and they said 0.48 kg/mm is 0.48 kg/mm regardless of length.

Sweet. The OD is exactly right... just the 15mm too short. and I am using .48 too.

I will go for it.


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