CRF150F up at Jawbone in the snow

My son Jon & I went up to Jawbone last weekend. Jon has a CRF150F & I have a XR400. There was a bit more snow than we expected.



The lower elevation trails were snow free but we were up higher and tried to make it up to Gold Peak.

We found out it was harder to ride in the snow than we thought.


We were getting pretty worn down.


It was a beautiful day, temps in the 50's.


The day was getting late & we headed back down to the truck. There were some nice hillclimbs, took this picture at the top of one, last run of the day.


Immediately after the pix on the way down the hillclimb I took a major header off my bike and did maybe three summersaults down the slope, but no harm done, the gear did its job.

A great day all in all. Saw maybe 10 riders all day long and were just about the only ones at Jawbone Canyon Store.


We've been traveling the extra 40 miles or so it take to get to Jawbone BLM riding area (its about 20 some miles north of the town of Mohave) instead of going to Gorman. There is just something special about the desert. Plus they never close Jawbone, even for the snow.

nice pics. It looks like you guys had great time up their.

Looks like a great day. What was different about the snow than say deep sand?

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