Husky MX boots in blue/yellow. is it possible to find?

I can remember only A-stars Vector Blue/yellow boots, but this model in this color was discontinued in 2006.

Is there any possibility to find US11 size of blue/yellow Vector?

or maybe another manufacturer makes smth similar?


there is a possibility there could be some old stock in some dealerships. i have found old stock a number of times, but I am in Socal, not 1/2 way around the world. e-mails to distributors would be my suggestion :busted::moon:


If you get a pair of SIDI Crossfires, all the parts can be switched out for other colors. they even have a page to look and see what they will look like.

Unfortunately, they dont have yellow.

But they are the best boots i have ever worn!


hope your size 9

my size is 11

5 and 9 is easy to find on EBay, even local dealer here in Russia have size9 on stock.

size11 is impossible to find new. Maybe somebody will sell me secondhand boots?

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