motopower videos

Planning to start some suspension work on the following bikes:

KTM 200xcw 2006

KTM 200sx 2003

Honda CR250 2005

Yamaha WR250 2003

I have watched a motopower video of the WR suspension being done. Are the KTM forks similiar enough to the WR to use for both fork and shock dissassembly? Or are they vastly different?

I am hoping the KTM forks are similiar to the WR forks. Hoping the WR shock is similiar to the CR shock. Was planning on just buying the dvd's for the cr (twin chamber forks) and the KTM rear shock.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

I would bet that there would be a good deal of difference. As you probably know, the KTM's are open chamber forks. The Honda and Yamaha are cc forks.

The motopower video of the KTM forks is a really good DVD. If you don't want to buy the dvd, go over to KTM Talk and look in the suspension forum. In the pinned section is a thread that contains detailed photos of the KTM fork assembly. Here is the link

The KTM forks are not difficult, at least they weren't for me.

A few things you might want to pay close attention to during the process:

Make sure your compression and rebound adjusters are backed out all the way.

When assembling the forks, make sure the spring guide is fully screwed down to the cartridge tube in place and snug. If not, your rebound adjustment will not work properly.

To disassemble correctly, you will need a thin 22mm open end wrench to hold the spring guide on the cartridge tube. After unscrewing the top cap, you will need

to pull down on the spring and insert the thin wrench on the spring guide. You might be able to find one, but most people buy one and grind it down. I got lucky and found one in an old tool box a friend gave me.

When you remove the fork caps, be very careful with the rebound adjuster tubes. They tend to stick to the plastic adjuster parts (located in the cap) and if not careful, the plastic tip can break. Then you are screwed! Just be careful removing the caps and you will be fine.

If it has been a while since the fork have been serviced, the tiny rebound spring that offers resistance to the brass rebound fitting, can stick in the cartridge tube and not come out. You have to work to get it out. It is not hard, just something to look out for. A thin clothes hanger can be inserted in the bottom hole of the rebound tube (where the rebound valve is located) and you can force the spring out.

When finished with service and adding fork oil, you will want to fill the fork with oil, pump them several times to bleed the air and them remove the proper amount

of oil (by using a syringe or oil removal tool). You remove enough oil to create an "air chamber" anywhere from 110mm to 140mm. Some people start with 140mm and then if the oil level is too low, you can slowly add oil through the air release screws on the fork caps using a syringe.

You can find a really good, step-by-step article here.

Another good article with photos is here

That is about all I can think of right now.

Hope this information helps!!!

Good luck.

I wasnt too worried on the front forks as the WR450 video I watched was open chamber KYB, figured they would be similiar, but thanks for the tips.


Hope it helps.

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