pain in knees from asterik braces?

hi i got some asterik braces and went riding at the mx track and 2nd day when i got home had pain in my knees, especially the left knee on the left side of the knee cap, first it felt like the muscle was tense because i went running one day for an hour so thought i just overworked the muscle. the 3rd day was worse i had to walk slow up the stairs and couldnt really run without pain, pain is worse when i move my leg up and down.

went riding today again and can feel it worse and now the right side hurts abit more. probably will feel it tomorow the most.

anyone have the same thing happen to them from wearing braces? cant think of anything else it could be since it happened when i wore the braces. im 5"10 or 11 155lbs and wearing the medium size. im 18 to so not cause by old age.

I would give them a call and ask them. I have a knee problem already so that is the reason I where mine. I wear mine without the sleeves so it does hurt my leg a little from being tight and my bad knee does hurt but I don't think it's from the brace as much as just beating on it.

Also have you checked the sizing charts to see if you do have the right size? Good luck

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