Need a little advice.

My bike is a 05 cr250r with at most 40 hours on it. With the bike sitting on a stand the rear wheel has a little left to right movement. I checked the axle nut and it is tight.

Could my wheel bearing be already out? The bike shouldnt have over 1000 miles on it! Thanks for the help.

Ur rims probably isnt true. Im pretty sure u just need to true the rim. Could also be ur tire if u got a really shitty one on there. The way to see would be to take the tire off and have it trued. If u cant feel it when u ride I would leave it until u need a new tire. Good luck.

Your chain alignment could also be off. Thats most likely what it is. :busted:

Oh i should have clarified. The tire and rim are straigh and true.

What the problem is when i push and pull on the wheel side to side it has some movement. Maybe 1/8 to a 1/4".

Hmm. I'm not sure that it has anything to do with the wheel bearings (although it's possible). Maybe a problem with the spacers?

Also don't forget about spokes being loose.

chain alignment is off most likely.

tighten up your swingarm bolts that push the anxle block out. Your problem is that one side is lose. All that needs to be done is you just have to realign your axle blocks.

there should be little increments on your swing arm with a arrow on the axle block pointing to them, just make sure they are both in the same spot.

Make sure the axle bolt and swing arm bolt is tight.

When you tighten the axle, it will pinch the axle blocks into the swing arm.

Look to see where the play is, the hub, or the swing arm.

It sounds like wheel bearings. Do you own a pressure washer and like it?

Also don't forget about spokes being loose.

I took a closer look and your were right it was loose spokes.

I took a closer look and your were right it was loose spokes.

*slaps face*

of course...that would do it, huh?

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