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Help on CR250R springs

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I am helping out a friend with his suspension.

He has a 2002 CR250R.

He races east coast hare scrambles and enduros.

He weighs approx 225 with gear.

He is a fast Super Senior B class champ.

The shock and forks have been revalved, but he needs the proper springs for his weight. I helped him get his race sag for the shock but had to use too much preload to obtain the proper race sag. I didn't even bother with the static sag, since I had to crank so much preload into the spring to even get the race sag close.

I am not familiar with current Honda spring specs since I have been on a KTM for the last several years.

I looked on the Race Tech sight to get an idea of what springs he would need.

If someone experienced in Honda suspension could offer some info, I would appreciate it greatly. If you have the stock spring rates and recommended springs, especially for the shock, that would be very helpful.

I understand suspension pretty well, and know that before we can even begin to dial in the suspension (rebound, compression etc...) we have got to get the proper springs. I just haven't had any experience in Asian bike suspension since the early '80s.

The Race Tech site listed this as the spring info:


Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.450 kg/mm

Stock Fork Spring Rate: .430 kg/mm (stock)


Recommended Rear Shock Spring Rate: 5.20 kg/mm

Stock Shock Spring Rate: 4.9 kg/mm (stock)

I am trying to get his exact normal weight and riding weight so we can have exact info.

Any knowledgeable information and/or comments would be appreciated.


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I'm 225 with gear and put .47 up front and a 5.1 in the rear. I have to go about 3/4 of the way down on the threads to get correct sag so I'd say a 5.2 on the rear would be good.

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